RC Rally Brno

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International Blackboard RC rally 2014

Publikováno 16.06. 2014

We would like to invite all RC Rally drivers and fans to traditional racing event that will be held on 5th and 6th of June in Vyškov city, Czech Republic.
This event is divided into two racing days and for drivers are prepared 14 speed tests on special stages with combined surface asphalt and gravel. Total racing time on track is estimated close to 60 minutes! This is real challenge for all RC rally fans and especially drivers from all the neighboring countries which are heartily welcome.

(note: for now, we have confirmed drivers from Czech Republic, Poland, Austria, Slovakia and drivers from France, Germany, Italy and Spain are in negotiations.)

Racing shedule

The first racing day starts on Saturday, June 5 at 12:00 local time and includes 6 special stages. At the end of day we prepared night excursion to a local brewery led by local maltster, which will be ended tasting of beer straight from the tank.
This excursion will be followed by an optional two night stages starting from 22:00. Lights are only allowed on the vehicle (flashlights, head lamps, etc. are not allowed)!

The second leg starts the next day at 9:00 and will have 8 special stages. Expected end of the race and results announcement will be approximatelly at 15:00.

Riders will be awarded in the overall standings, teams, junior and historians, but also the best riders from all participating countries in the special category “Nations cup”.


Accommodation for drivers and his team is prepared at a local gym or can be individually chosen from nearby guest houses or hotels.

Local Gym - 100Kč person/night (wc, showers, own sleeping bag or blanket needed)

Pension Chalupa u městské brány - 250m, (1 or 2 beds): 720 Kč / 980 Kč

Hotel Atrium - 700m, (1 or 2 beds): 690 Kč / 980 Kč

Selský dvůr - 800m, (1 or 2 beds): 920 Kč / 1 240 Kč


Registration for the race should be sent to info@rallybrno.cz in format:
Name (John Carrol)
Country (Austria)
Car body (Ford Fiesta WRC) - must be 1:10 scale model of real rally car!!
Car chassis (Tamiya XV-01)
Channel (WiFi)
Night stages: Yes / No

You will receive email confirmation after processing your registration.

More information
about VII. Blackboard Rally.
Detailed rules, location, etc. are on rallybrno.cz website (please use google translator). If you have some questions write us at info@rallybrno.cz.


We look forward to your attendance.

Team RC Rally Brno Championship

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Celkové pořadí

Pořadí Jméno Body
1 Horák Aleš 144
2 Pavlát Petr 140
3 Oppitz Michal 131
4 Klinkáček Lubomír 121
5 Šmarda Jan 117
6 Vacek Josef 116
7 Hrouzek Jindřich 111
8 Konecký Jakub 110
9 Wagner Tomáš 109
10 Pospíšil Vlastik 104

Kompletní výsledky


Pořadí Jméno Body
1 Team LančiaMartini 266
2 Five team 260
3 RB Racing Team 244

Kompletní výsledky


Pořadí Jméno Body
1 Pospíšil Vlastik 146
2 Daniel Ondřej 140
3 Pospíšil Kuba 130

Kompletní výsledky

Super Junior

Pořadí Jméno Body
1 Pospíšil Kuba 146
2 Toušek ml. Petr 142

Kompletní výsledky


Pořadí Jméno Body
1 Wagner Tomáš 146
2 Hofman Patrik 136
3 Martinek Adam 94

Kompletní výsledky


Pořadí Jméno Body
1 Pavlát Petr 150
2 Vacek Josef 134
3 Hrouzek Jindřich 132

Kompletní výsledky


Pořadí Jméno Body
1 Vacek Josef 146
2 Hrouzek Jindřich 140
3 Toušek Petr 124

Kompletní výsledky